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Unblock irritating internet filters at school, college or office with our secure web based SSL unblocker. Not only it will fetch virtually any website, it protects your online privacy by concealing sensitive information from third party logging. This way, your IP address & browser details are not exposed. We use high-grade 256 bit encryption (technically known as AES-256) for data communication, which makes it almost impossible for eavesdropping. You can even completely turn off JavaScript and cookies from visited websites.

Our site runs on a reliable server platform optimized for better performance. Though we rely on advertising revenue, you will not find annoying excessive advertising with us. No more blocked websites, freely access popular social networking websites including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Orkut, Pinterest, Tagged and LinkedIn. Also we support safe unblocking of YouTube videos. Unblocked web is just a click away from you.

We maintain access logs to track abuse. This ensures rights of legitimate users while preventing misuse of our resources. Please refer to the terms and privacy policy for further information.

We might not be the best unblocker around, but we are certainly among the top!

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Filter software possess years of research and advanced technologies to detect unblockers like us. Each and every web unblocker gets blocked eventually. Please join our yahoo group and subscribe to a secret source for new ones.

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